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We know that many of our customers recommend us to friends via word of mouth or online mediums such as forums etc. We believe when doing this you should also be rewarded.

We have now set up our affiliate (referral) program to allow you to earn each time you recommend us to someone and they go on to buy from us. The process is extremely simple and we have a dedicated area on our website to allow you to track your referrals and earnings. Below explains in more detail how you can become and affiliate and what tools we give you in order to try help you maximise your earnings.

If any of your questions are not explained below, feel free to contact us and one of the team will be able to help you with any queries.

How does it work?

The process is very simple – once you register as an affiliate with us you are given a login to an area of our website. Once you log into this area you can then generate a custom link to give to friends or to use on forums, your website etc. Once someone clicks that link and purchases through our website your account will then show the referral and the amount of commission you have made from the sale.

How much will I earn?

We offer a 10% commission on each sale through your referral. This is an extremely generous rate in the affiliate marketing industry. So for example, if you were to recommend us through your custom link and a sale of $1,800 is made (that is our average order value), you would then receive 10% of this from us, which is $180!

What metrics can I track on my account area?

We provide you with the follow: Unpaid referrals, Paid referrals, Visits from your links, Conversion rate, Campaigns, Reporting graphs to track sales on a monthly basis, Payouts to see when each payout was made, creatives.

How long does it take to become approved?

Once you have registered for our affiliate scheme, a member of our team will always look to deal with the request within 1 hour. We may ask you for more information should we need it, however 99% of all applications are approved within 1 hour to enable you to start earning immediately.

When I generate a sale how long before I get my money?

The same day – we can payout by either direct bank transfer or through PayPal, whichever suits you.

Are my referral still covered by The QueenBreastform 100% Guarantee?

Yes – no matter who purchases through our website or how they found us, they are always covered by our QueenBreastform guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

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